Wednesday, July 25, 2007

why i love litterbugs


i try to eat my lunch in interesting places and the other day i ended up at the best seaglass beach i've ever been to. not much food was consumed, in the long run, but i ended up with my pockets full of glass. mostly green and brown, but there are some purples and blues in there, as well as some other fun things. the photo is two lunch's worth of findings.

the location is super-secret but if you ask nicely, i'll let you in.

hopefully this fall, these pieces will end up in a mosaic, though i'm still trying to figure out what exactly to work on (furniture? a mirror? something entirely different?). i bought some spiff smashed china at the searsport flea markets last month. which reminds me, i should photograph my thrift scores from the a nearby church bazaar. can you say... lobster skirt?

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Wanderer said...

I would LOVE for you to share the secret location. Searching for seaglass is one of my life's simple pleasures! :-) Thanks.

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