Sunday, September 9, 2007


i used to have a pet mouse named pillow.

i visited grandma lately and she gave me this fabric that my mom had cut and pinned with the intention of making pillows to match a chair back in the seventies. the fabric is very retro, textured-embroidered-lovely. i also thought this would make an easy sewing project to test out my old sewing machine that i haven't used in months (it works! i had thought it was broken but it works!), and what better time than a lazy sunday. i even had some fiber poly-fill lying around and everything (mm... poly-fill).

might i add, oh man oh man, most comfortable chair ever! my friend and i scored it off the side of the road. we pretty much furnished our entire place that way, but this was by far the best find.

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pigeoncat said...

These pillows are so cat sized.

That's the Calvin Harris show pics zip. And yes, you left your camera in my car, but you're coming up this weekend anyways, right!

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